When do movers start charging?

Most local moving companies have hourly rates and therefore they charge once the move is done. Time for the move usually starts once they start with the actual job. Whatever the case is, your local movers should be transparent about it. Studio City Moving Company is one of the companies that is charging from the moment a job starts until we move the last piece of furniture.

Can movers move in the rain?

No matter what weather conditions are, your movers can move you! When it’s raining, professional movers are using extra protection in order to keep your possessions safe. So don’t worry, even if it’s raining that is not going to affect your moving plans.

Will movers take my bed apart?

Every piece of furniture will be disassembled and reassembled by your professional movers. Not only it is safer to move it when it is in pieces, but it will also fit in the moving truck. Your local movers will bring all the equipment as well, so you won’t have to worry about that either.

Will movers move Ikea furniture?

Yes, your furniture movers will move Ikea as well. But we should all be aware that the quality of Ikea once it is disassembled and later on reassembled back is not the same. That is why most moving companies prefer moving Ikea in one piece instead of disassembling and reassembling back. However, the best is to check with your professional movers what is the situation for the piece that you have.

Why tip movers?

Tipping is definitely not mandatory, but it is a nice gesture to give some extra money to the team that just performed hard and physical work for you. How much to tip the movers is completely up to you.

Where to find movers?

It is not enough to type local movers near me, book first local movers on the list and pray for the best. There is a lot of research involved when it comes to finding movers. Be prepared to read a lot of reviews and comments. If you have someone who can suggest a moving company you should use, even better.

How many movers should I hire?

Since every move is different, there is no simple answer to this question either. Once you call your local movers, they will ask you many different questions that help them determine how many movers you should hire for your upcoming move and that is what you should go with. They are experienced and they take into consideration everything that you might not be aware of.

What if movers break something?

Hiring professional movers means you are hiring a licensed moving company. In that case they have basic coverage insurance included in the price. In case something gets damaged or goes in a different direction than planned, your movers will be there to support you.

Movers who also pack?

Every professional local moving company can help you with both, packing and moving. It is not a part of a standard service that movers are offering, so you should request it additionally. Studio City Moving Company can do it safely and efficiently.

Are movers essential services?

Since we recently went through a very tough period with the virus and other issues that 2020 brought with, we are fully aware why you are interested in this. No matter what is happening, people still have to move and your local movers are essential services. Don’t worry, they will take all measures that are needed to perform your move safely.